Our Facilities

DPI is centrally located in the heart of the produce district, which gives us an edge in retrieving timely market prices and supply information. The main office is located in Downtown Los Angeles, CA which is in close proximity to the 10, 110, 5 and 101 freeways for expedite routes and delivery. The second facility is located in Vernon, CA. We use two facilities that combined encompasses 80,000 square footage, 16 docks, 6 refrigerated coolers and a two refrigerated shipping/receiving areas.


We are capable of setting different temperature levels in each cooler to ensure we meet the cold chain distribution demands of our customers for traceability purposes and controlled access.

Lastly, we use two state of the art ripening rooms and provide a ripening service to our customers who seek to optimize the shelf life of any fruit or vegetable through the ripening process.

Your customers are OUR customers

DPI’s serves other produce companies, restaurants and grocery stores with wholesale fruits and vegetables.

Because providing quality produce is our top priority, our relationships do not end when our customer’s orders are shipped out and delivered. We think it is important to visit our customer’s stores on a regular basis to make sure they are satisfied with their produce.

Our ultimate focus is making sure the customers of our customers are happy when purchasing their fruits and vegetables. The end consumer is the most important factor in this food chain relationship.


Cold Chain Distribution

Direct Produce, Inc. contracts with reliable, insured refrigerated truck companies that help us maintain cold chain standards. They make sure that our products are traveling in their optimal temperature during transportation. The trucks have refrigeration units that ensure maximum freshness upon delivery. Trained radio dispatchers and truck drivers assist us to maintain accurate and consistent delivery schedules. We serve and are not limited to Southern California, Central California, Northern California, Mexico and all other States.