Food Safety

Our Food Safety system has been implemented to ensure food protection handling and maintaing the cold chain. We take the necessary measures to ensure we reduce the changes of the food supply from preventing accidental/intentional contamination during storage and transportation focusing on minimizing biological, chemical and physical hazards.

We maintain strict control over all aspects of our produce distribution operations. We have a documented GMP program in place that is conducted on a daily basis.

Our commitment

- GMP Certified Food Safety Program from Primus Labs

- 3rd Party Pest Control Program – Steritech, a licensed pest control company manages and maintains the preventative pest control systems.

- Receiving/shipping product inspections Receiving/shipping truck inspections

- Daily monitoring of product temperatures to ensure continuity of the cold chain

- Traceability with pallet numerical tagging

- Final outbound inspections of the products and trucks

- Daily facility cleanliness inspections conducted to minimize cross-contamination. Facility is inspected before operations begin each day.

- Quarterly microbiological analysis tests are conducted

- Controlled access and surveillance video cameras throughout the warehouses and main entrance as part of our comprehensive food defense and security plan.

- All shipments are received and inspected at the distribution center and again inspected upon delivery to your facilities to ensure quality and handling standards.

- All employees have undergone rigorous, continuous training programs focusing on proper handling techniques and procedures.